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Disappointment on a Euro Scale!

It's disappointing, on a Euro scale!

There has been much made of Scotland's place in Europe. And there is merit in that argument, though it is not all on the upside.

Scotland benefits hugely from EU subsidies, because we provide what the EU needs in terms of agriculture, fisheries, farming etc. It is right that our industries should be recognised in this way, and it benefits our producers and subsequently our economy.

I have been for many years a massive fan of Scotland's place in the EU, until recently. I still appreciate Scotland's need for access to the biggest marketplace in the world, our desire to play a part on a European stage, our enthusiasm for shared resources - intelligence, customs union, free movement etc.

But there comes a time, when the undoubted benefits need to be questioned. We have to decide if financial benefit is paramount, do we simply ignore the suffering of others because we do okay? I am one of many who now think the EU's lack of action over the blatant fascism in Catalonia has crossed the line. If the EU thinks it is acceptable for a member state to abuse it's people in this manner, then it is not the sort of Club I would be inclined to join. Germany, Belgium & others have refused to extradite Catalonian politicians as they are aware of the injustice that awaits them. Individual states are saying " fuck off" as quietly as they can to Rajoy, so as not to create a Euro crisis. It's not good enough - we have a human rights charter or we don't. We will enforce our rules or we won't.

This has serious implications for a very pro EU country in Scotland. Westminster body language suggests they might adopt the same approach to Scotland. Why should Scotland be confident of EU support when witnessing the brutality in Spain?

The EU needs to show it's teeth, or stop pretending to be something it's not!