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Twas the season to be jolly...

Not a huge amount has gone on over the piece, just a couple of things worthy of note.

First we had the revelations of the "Green Ink Gang" by Wings, then revelations about Scotland in Union's fundraising & donors, immediately followed by a legal threat from SIU to Wings which lead to the documents being removed from the site. Whilst clarification of some legal issues is being sought regarding this, Stuart Campbell has written to the Electoral Commission querying whether there may have been wrong doing, by virtue of none of the donations being registered. We will see how this one plays out over the next few days.

The thing that has really caught my attention is the appointment of Toby Young’s to the board of the Office for Students. It was reported that Mr Young had held teaching posts at both Harvard & Oxford universities, a claim which It transpires this completely untrue. I am lead to believe he unable to gain access to Oxford as a student, until his father "engineered" access for him. But the problem with his appointment goes much deeper and much more fundamental than his qualifications, or lack of, for the post. It stands to reason that employment by the OfS will create a situation were Mr Young by virtue of his position will be working with hundreds of thousands of young women. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think anyone who broadcasts the following remarks on a public forum should be allowed anywhere near a position where there is even a chance he will come into contact with young women:

How would you feel about this imbecil working with your daughter?

Thing is, if there was an award for the biggest tit - Young would be in with a good shout of winning it. The man is a complete wanker, but don't take my word for it...

News of his appointment broke at 00:01 on New Years day. People would be busy, no one would notice.....

Happy New Year - Tory style... what a laugh!